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Highlights Concert

The Highlights Concert will feature Gold performances from piano and vocal classes.  In the case of receiving more than one Gold certificate, the student must choose only one (1) piece to perform, with input from the Adjudicator.  

All HSMF participants are FREE to enter. Please bring a copy of your Competitor Card to show at the door.

1) All Scholarship Awards will be presented at the Highlights Concert. The Highlights Concert is open to the public.

2) Awards at the Highlights Concert are in the form of Scholarships and Provincial Music Festival recommendations.  Medals will no longer be awarded at the Howe Sound Music Festival.  The Highlights Concert will be a celebration of success and not a venue for competition.


4) Winners in duet classes may compete for the same award in the ensuing year only if each individual has advanced one level in solo competition.

5) Participants in classes marked with an "E” are excluded from any of the Provincial Music Festival categories.

6) Adjudicators are knowledgeable of Provincial standards and have the interest of the student in mind. It should be noted that Adjudicators might decide NOT to recommend students to the provincial Festival in spite of the existence of qualifying marks.

7) The requirements for being considered for a piano or vocal solo award are:

i) The student must perform in at least TWO solo classes in the Festival and be awarded at least one gold certificate therein

ii) See page 8 Notes under Scholarship heading.

8) The requirements for being considered for a piano or vocal duet award are:

i) One Duet partner must have entered TWO solo classes to be eligible for a duet scholarship.

See page 8 in the syllabus:
Notes under Scholarship heading.

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